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Welcome to my Blog. I will post here about my books, about History, the Viking Age, and will also review books and movies.


Celtic heroic fantasy?

 Often, readers of heroic fantasy have asked for stories or series set in so-called Celtic times. There seems to be a lack of this setting in fiction these days, and readers have requested that this be mended. This is interesting for me as an archaeologist who has studied the Celtic Iron Age, because ‘Celtic’ …


A short update on my debut novel, HAG OF THE HILLS

Greetings, hails, hilsen! As some of you have been following me, I am in the final stages of my debut heroic fantasy novel, HAG OF THE HILLS, the first book in THE BRONZE SWORD CYCLES duology. The process has been slowed for a variety of reasons – the first is that I am a Ph.D …


Samhain in the Bronze Sword Cycles

Samhain is the most famous of the four Celtic seasonal holidays because of its modern iteration as Halloween, or Hollow’s Eve, celebrated on October 31st. Its earliest attestation is from the 2nd century AD from what is now France, in what is called the Coligny Calendar. Variants of the tradition are attested throughout the Middle …


The Heroic Age of the Celts – the Bronze Sword Cycles

My duology takes place roughly 200 B.C, on the island of Skye. We know that the people of Skye, as all of Britain and Ireland, as well as much of Northern Europe, spoke a Celtic language. They had a shared archaeological culture, and while there were likely many differences between peoples, they had many things …


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